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Mickey Mouse Invitation
Curious George Centerpiece
Dora the Explorer Centerpiece

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My son LOVES Mickey Mouse, he watches the show, knows the songs, and everything. So for his first birthday I made his mini Birthday party invitations, and this is what they look like. Keep reading for the tutorial and pattern.


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Pocoyo is super cute and perfect for a birthday party theme, I was requested to do this one and amazingly I finished it in about 1 hour. Keep reading for the tutorial and the templates.


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 I made this party hats because I wanted to add a cute, nice and fun touch for my son's birthday but I didn't wanted to spend a bunch of money making them. That's how I came out with this project they are very easy and cheap to make and it takes you barely some time. Keep reading for the tutorial and pattern.


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I never thought that making a baby toy/ rattle could be so easy until I had to try it for this project I made for a friend. And I wish I would have known before. I could have made my sons mobile and so many things more.

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